Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post #2

Thursday I had playoffs for hockey, we won our first game 9-5. I got 1 goal and 1 assist and 0 penalties. The championship game we lost 8-5, and I only got 1 penalty. After the games my Dad gave me a ride back home to Livermore so I could see my Oma, who was visiting for the weekend. My Aunt and Uncle also decided they were gonna come to Livermore so I was able to see them at the same time. We didn't do too much just hung out and visited.

Katie came over Saturday night after she made clay all pretty for prom, we all ate dinner together then Katie and I headed back to the apartment. Sunday we did our grocery shopping, took a nap, and watched the finale of Prison Break.

Yesterday I took 1 of my finals, then went to work while I waited for Katie to finish her work, which was only like 15 minutes. When we got home we went back to costco to get some things we forget on Sunday, went to the fish store to get some salt, look at some shrimp I'm thinking about getting and get some anemone poison for the bad anemones in my tank.

So far today I took my last final and I am back at work, with no work to do, while I wait for Katie.

My iPhone app is doing alright. Last week there were a total of 1,393 downloads, most of them were the free version. The paid version had 78 downloads, not bad for being my first app.

AquariumPhotos.net is doing pretty good also, it is finally showing up on Google and other sites are starting to link to it.


Katie said...

way to go Ninja Name!! Flaming Donkey Killer

Katie said...

you should blog more :)